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By | 26th February 2008

Before ordering with any dropshipper (or paying a joining fee) you want to try and find out as much info as possible. You can do this by typing the companys name into Google and seeing what comes up, or by visiting a dropship/wholesale forum and posting a message to see what others have experienced.

Now you can add one more resource to your business arsenal! is a free dropship review website where you find comments and reviews about many dropshippers. Ironically I only found out about the website because the DropKicker owner, Trent, contacted me to tell me about an error on my blog! 

There are other so-called ‘dropshipper reviews’ on the web, however the majority of these sites only review dropshippers with affiliate programs and tell you how amazing they are just so they earn a few quid in commission! DropKicker is different because they only put a basic description of the company and then visitors to the site submit reviews. The website is very easy to use and the database of companys and reviews is steadily growing.

Although the DropKicker system is open to idiots posting bad messages about a company (the sort I mean are those who join and make hardly any sales, blame the dropshipper and not their badly executed ebay auctions!)as long as the database of reviewers keeps filling up it could become a decent resource for those new to dropshipping and established online sellers looking to increase their product range.


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