Spot The Difference
Stand Out By Being Different
In order to move your business forward you often need to be trying different things, this can improve your existing practices and may make you stand out from competition. Whether it is the images you use to sell your products, the length of descriptions or even the price.

This week I thought I would try some different on this blog, so this post isn’t going to be like any other I’ve done on the blog before. Will you like it? I’m not really sure! So here we go……

This post is broken down into three parts. Part one is ‘Blog Links In May’, Part two is ‘Updates To DH’ and part three is ‘What’s Next’.

Blog Links In May
There are quite a lot of blogs I am either subscribed to or have in my favourites. Some of the info on the blogs I think would be great for my readers as well. So here is a round up of blog posts in May I recommend reading.

Updates To DH
The sister site of this blog has had a major revamp including a whole new design, new content in the members area and a change of the navigation in the members area. The site has over 5,800 verified members so if you aren’t one then you can join today for free!

What’s Next?
Now the DropshipHelp site is done I thought I would look forward to what’s next for this blog. I have a plenty of posts planned, if I had more time I would two per week but I need to work on developing my own retail websites (although blogging is much more fun!). If you want to contribute to the blog then I do welcome guest post bloggers. In return for your trouble you will get a link to your website and raise your own profile. If you want to discuss doing a blog post please contact me.

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