So You Want To Run A Business? Have You Really Got What It Takes?… I Mean REALLY?..

By | 7th May 2010

With the popularity of online business generation, and more and more people looking to start a dropship business, or any other online business for that matter; are you really sure you have what is required to succeed? Or are you just playing a game, to satisfy your subconscious mind, that ‘at least you tried’?

An interesting question, I am sure you would agree. And I also hope that the stated question is very much thought-provoking. The reason I ask such a question, is because I personally see people starting dropship businesses, as well as other ecommerce businesses every single hour of the day, and the questions that come from prospective, and future owners of such businesses can be quite disturbing.


You see, we live in an age where everything is done for us. If you live in the UK, then apart from having your bum wiped (unless you have private medical care  , then you are pampered hand over foot. We live in a so-called tolerant society, if you listen to the labour government anyway, which really means, ‘do what you can, mate, and if you cannot be bothered, we will take money from the rich and look after you anyway’..

Think about it. Most people are naturally lazy, and if one day they woke up to find half a million, in cold hard cash in their bank accounts, then it would be taken as gospel, that they would never lift an idle finger ever again. Fair enough, you might say.

BUT, what we are talking about here, is running a business – a real business; not some pie-in-the-sky Americanised, nonsensical dream, where you may get ‘lucky’. No, I am talking about the kind of ‘real’ business, where you actually have to get off your backside, and make things happen – otherwise you may find that you wake up one day, and society is making your life-decisions for you – and you don’t really want to be in that place!


Another question: Are you really prepared to sacrifice what is required, in order to secure your family’s future? To make sure, that once you reach retirement age, that you and your dependants and not reliant of the dire state our country is in, in order to simply live?

Please allow me to enter your ‘real’ conscious mind for a second, and actually ‘jolt’ your senses of reality.. Listen, we are on this earth ONE TIME ONLY. You do not get a second chance in this game. I call it a game, because that is exactly what it is –  a game of life. There are winners, and there are those that spend their days wondering what the hell just happened to the last 25 years of their life. A truly miserable existence for most.


You might say: “Hey, Steven, not everybody wants to be successful”. And I would say, “well what the hell are you reading this blog for?” 

I was watching a documentary recently, about the 1985 snooker final, between Steve Davis, and Dennis Taylor. I actually remember watching that match as a child, but I digress.. During the documentary, the interviewer asked Stephen Hendry, and a few other great snooker players what they thought about the final, and who they were ‘rooting’ for to win. And what was interesting, was the theme of the conversations and general census, that WINNERS, and people who are used to winning on a consistent basis, always vote for other winners; they have no time for people who finish second, because their mentality has been honed, and trained over many years only to fill their subconscious mind with a pure, and winning mentality – Second best does not even enter the equation.

Running a business is no different, and you must make sure that you really are prepared to sacrifice what is necessary to go the full distance. If you are not prepared to sacrifice what is required to win, then I would say “GIVE UP NOW – AND DO IT QUICKLY”.

A bold statement, I am sure you would agree. But, think about it for a second, we are talking here about making hard cash; pure profit from a business-world populated by people who would think nothing of biting your right arm off, just to get a foothold in business; people who are so ruthless, that business is absolutely everything to them. Such people have been trained to seek out and destroy weak, and vulnerable competitors.

So are you saying it is too difficult to actually create a viable business?

NO. It is not ‘too’ difficult, but what must be understood, at least when starting a business in which the aim is to be a success, is that you must absolutely be prepared to sacrifice short-term pain, for long-term gain. That is a given, or just don’t start a business and expect to make any notable gains.

A few fundamentals, and mind-set changes, that must happen:

Very many people talk about price being the only factor that can make a sale. This is folly, and actually a very child-like view they place on business. If all that was required to make a profit, was to seek out the cheapest product, then we would all be millionaires, wouldn’t we? All you would have to do, is go down to your local beach and grab a few handfuls of sand, and sell each grain for 1 pence a pop.

I am being facetious, of course, but think about this for a minute. How many people would buy your grains of sand? Nobody; not even a sand fly would be interested. This must surely lead to the question, then, that you have to be promoting and selling a product, or service that somebody wants, and based on value? Agreed?

Ok, so then what we are really trying to say, is that we need to be promoting our ‘wares’ based on what potential customers want, and need? Understood, so then the difference between the people selling these ‘wares’ must be what separates the people who make profit, and people who don’t? And more importantly, what these people DO, is what separates them for the dreamers in society.

THAT is the basis of a successful business.

I would advise you to read that last paragraph again before going further, or even considering starting a business. As only then, will you begin to understand what is required to be a successful business owner.

You see, and going back to what was mentioned earlier, we live in an age where everything is handed to us on a plate – easy come, easy go – and the same can be said for all the online opportunities that are presented around the various avenues, and facets of the internet. Let’s be honest, there are very many sharks on the internet, offering what can only be described as rubbish, and for the very same reason I just explained – it is EASY to create such a business, and this on it’s own creates problems – and it could be a problem for you, too..

The point being made, is that due to the fact that it is all too easy to create a business; buy a website, start selling on eBay, and all the rest of the ‘businesses’ being offered, then it is all too easy, to start thinking that: “if everybody else is doing it, surely all I have to do is follow x,y and z, and I will be making money, too”


And this is where the problems begin. You need to forget what everybody else is doing, and get down to raw, and hard facts. No matter how commerce is represented to you, the basics remain the same, you HAVE to generate value, and unique selling points in order to devise a viable, and sustainable business. You have to seek out ways, often using very many, painful man hours, just to keep your nose ahead of your competition.  Devise ways to increase revenue. Spend at least 2/3/4 hours per day researching new ways to attract business.

Important Question: If you spent 6 hours per day, in a white-hot burning desire, to find 100 new ways to attract business, then how far ahead of the competition do you think you would be at the end of the first week? the first month? the first year? How many of your possible competitors do you seriously think, spend endless hours looking for ways to generate extra profit; researching customer’s needs, wants, designing new marketing strategies, testing variables, and results, and implementing new ideas on pure instinct? Very few, I sure you would agree.

Therefore, do you now see, what I am trying to achieve here? I am trying to prick your consciousness to actually understand that you CAN achieve outstanding success, if you will only focus on what really matters, and forget most of the nonsense that is branded about, about what is the ‘best way to start a business’..

You must decide, that you really are prepared to sacrifice what is required to create the business you desire. Do that, and there is no reason why you will not be the very next internet millionaire – it is there for the taking – it really is – and the crazy thing about this situation, ladies and gentleman, is that your competition are making it easy for you – if only YOU decide that the sacrifice is worth the desired result. That is all it takes. The rest is just time.

It is a big sacrifice, when you look at the harsh reality of it. Endless hours of work, testing, working late into the evenings, or early mornings. Your spouse and loved ones must also be on your side, and share your ambitions and financial dreams, or you will not have the harmony required to get to second base. All these factors add up to just the start. THEN, once you have organised your priorities, and decided the sacrifice is worthwhile, does the hard work begin.

It is an enjoyable journey, and absolutely worthwhile; but it must be worthwhile to you, too. Only you, will be able to decide if you are prepared to give, what the business world, and natural progression, demands..

There is only one way – the right way, and with the right understanding of what is required.

Best of luck in whatever business you decide to start – and make sure you have enough reasons to want to make it happen. Without enough reasons, you will not develop the stamina, will power and sheer ruthlessness to make your financial dreams a reality.

My advice would be, to take a serious measure of time, to deciding on your commitment to the cause.

Make the right decisions, and for the right reasons, and you will know what is possible.

Take Care, and take positive action.

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