Praise Dropshippers When Praise Is Due!

By | 15th January 2008

Finding the right company to dropship products to your customers is one of the most challenging aspects of running an online dropship business. Many people looking to start dropshipping products often end up spending months looking through lists, researching and test buying before deciding whos products to sell.

When you find a good dropshipper it is wise to give praise to them should you the opportunity arise, whether it be on a forum or to a friend. However you may be reluctant to do this, which is understandable. If you had a secret way to make a million £/$ a year you wouldn’t sell it for a few pounds, right? However with dropship businesses it has benefits for you being honest about your experience with them.

Here is a list of reasons why people are often reluctant to speak out, but also why it is worth speaking out.

Reasons You May Be Reluctant

  • It encourages other people to sell the products which will increase your competition.
  • You don’t want others to think you are working for the company or are affiliated with them.

Why Give Praise?

  • If the company gets a couple more sellers as a result then the company will make more money, meaning they are likely to expand the business, this could mean lower prices for you or more products to sell.
  • The dropship industry has had problems with middle-men and scammers, giving praise helps highlight the trustworthy businesses above the scammers. This means you can do business in a more secure and trusting industry.

So, next time you are asked about a particular dropshipper, remember a kind word will probably benefit you as well long-term!

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