How Dropshipping Reviews Is Changing Your Online Business

By | 14th June 2012

If you have heard about dropshipping, but don’t know where to start, then you should know that the dropship market has changed considerably, with many new entrants coming into the market, and most of them not to your advantage.

The other problem new customer have, is that there are now wholesale forums, and dropship forums who are basically using the dropship model to tell lies to to potential customers, so what we aim to do here, is clarify who is worth using, and who is not, and then you will be in a great position to start your own dropship business.

Our blog has been involved in dropshipping since it became a popular business model in the UK, and we have seen all the changes, all the companies (good and bad) and we can pretty much give a great angle on where you now need to look for positives, when starting your business.

When dropshipping started in the UK, there were only a few genuine companies offering dropship as a viable business model. These companies are still around today, which tells you that they have stood the test of time, and are worth considering as your entry into the market. These tried, tested and respected websites include:


There are of course many other dropship websites now, but these new sites have only appeared once they latched onto the fact that other, MORE SUCCESSFUL companies, were making it work, and thus tried to copy the business model of websites that set the standards.

Caution, of lies, and manipulation, and what to avoid.

The problem now, as dropshipping has become more popular, is that there have been a spate of wholesale and dropship forums who’s primary aim is to sell you a dropship or wholesale list ( come into that category, who are well known for running scam forums, and scam blogs), and these type of websites do nothing but fool genuine potential customers into falling into a trap. Definitely avoid websites like esources that try to take money for lists of suppliers that can easily be found for free.

You need to be on your guard, and protect yourself against companies, false forums, and websites that try to get you to purchase a dropshipping and wholesale list, and if you REALLY want to start a dropshipping business, then you need to stick to the websites, and companies that have stood the test of time.

What can I do for real research for proper dropshippers?

As mentioned, if you are looking at entering the dropship arena, and starting a website, or just selling on eBay using the drop ship model, then you have to stick to tried and tested companies, and then decide on what products you are looking to promote. Once you have found the right company, what do you want to offer.

Is running this dropship business easy?

No business is easy, and dropshipping is no different, but provided you can put in the time, and effort, and choose which range you wish to push, and have some clear goals, then it is very possible to make a good living from dropshipping.

Have you got an example of a dropshipper, and their products?, for example, is a dropshipper that has been around for many years, and were one of the first dropship websites in the UK, with countless thousands of customers owning a website with them, as well as using their service to sell on eBay. Dropshipland offer an array of products for you to promote, and you can also gain access to your own superstore website business, which people have been opting for.

Click here for details –

Remember, taking the first step to starting a business, any business, is usually the most difficult, although when you are using tried-and-tested companies, you know you are on the right path, and can use their experience, and know how to push forward.

Good luck with whatever company you decide, and stay away from fake wholesale and fake dropship forums.

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