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By | 2nd May 2011
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So you want to look into how you can earn a substantial amount of money online. Why not try to build a dropshipping website where you are able to earn much by investing less in stock? Dropshipping  is done by advertising products and then being able to earn from these products without actually buying these products themselves unless you get to sell them first. Ok, here is how it is done….

For example, you are a retail business owner who would like to sell products that are actually in demand in the market today. However, you do not have the money to invest on these products?…. This is what you do…All you need to do is display these products for sale in your website. Once a customer has made a purchase of this particular product, you as the store owner pass this purchase on to the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer of the specific product is the one responsible for the shipping, packaging, etc of the said product.

The dropship company is simply the one who is responsible for the sales of the product. He does not need to buy all these products from the manufacturer all at once. He simply buys that which he is able to sell. Therefore, a dropship company is a third party company that acts like the bridge between a customer and the product company, thereby earning a percentage of the sales depending on the retail price that he has given to the customer.

Dropshipping is actually a great way to earn money online. It does not need you to invest a whole lot of money to be able to sell products online. All you really need to do is establish a selling website online, make transactions with the product companies – asking them for a wholesale deal, etc. – then display the products together with their retail prices, and then wait for buyers to come your way.

In dropshipping, all you need to do is act as a liaison between the customer and the product company, earning the percentage difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. In that way, you do not need to invest a lot of money for products that may not even be bought online. You simply need to display items and then be able to earn from actual items that you were able to sell. Sounds wonderful, right?

Now, you can simply make displays of different products regardless of their prices. You can set the retail price and then wait for people to buy them. After a purchase is made, you pass on the sales to the manufacturer – or buy the product from the manufacturer at the wholesale price – and let the manufacturer handle the shipping, etc. of the product to the buyer.

Isn’t that a more clever marketing scheme that will save you more money? You simply buy the product if you are able to sell it at retail. You won’t have the worries of having to sell products that have not been bought. You are also saved from the hassle of having to do the shipping, packaging, etc. of the products. Therefore, as an online retail store owner, you save money and you are still capable of selling without going bankrupt.

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