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By | 29th September 2008

Following on from my review of Chinavasion I thought it would be cool to do a review of a UK based dropshipper. Sellers generally seem to be more comfortable dealing with UK based dropshippers so for the moment I will focus more on companies in the UK than abroad. The company featured in this blog post is UK based but does ship worldwide – so if you don’t sell to UK customers they are still worth looking at! dropshipland.com review

Profile #2 – DropshipLand.Com


DropshipLand is a well established UK dropshipper based in the North of England, selling CDs, DVDs, lingerie, beauty products, football souvenirs and more.

Costs & Ordering

To join DropshipLand you just have to pay a small fee, they have two options – 1 Year Membership for £29.95 or Lifetime Membership for £79.95, they also sometimes have special offers. The product prices are not shown on the main website if you aren’t registered however if you contact them they will send you a sample price list. They accept paypal, as well as credit and debit cards – and there is no minimum order when ordering products.

Don’t let the sign-up fee put you off, especially if you are new to dropshipping. Although it costs you now a sign-up fee does help you because it discourages some people from joining which means less competition for you when selling their products and it also stops consumers buying direct from the dropshipper.


They ship all goods in plain and protective packaging with no mention of the company so the customer will think the product has came direct from you. Although UK based they do ship orders to customers worldwide with low cost shipping rates – £3.00 or £3.75 depending on the part of the world being shipped to. Shipping is also only £1.50 to the UK, which is very reasonable. 90% of orders are shipped inside 24 hours.

Website & Currency

Once signed up their website is very easy to use, as we also have a ‘new member q&a database’, as well as telephone support. The only currency used on the website is pound sterling but if you are located in the US or Eurozone paypal means you can still use the DropshipLand service.

Website Option

If you decide to take Dropshipland’s website option (Platinum membership), then you can have your own website activated inside an hour, ready to make profits. All stock is fully updated, automatically, on a daily basis. You can also add your own products to your website. In fact, Dropshipland actually give you a 300+ software package bundle for you to sell, free of charge, to sell on your new website. You gain free technical support for your website, including telephone support and ticket system. Full details of the Dropshipland Review website option can be seen here: http://www.dropshipland.com/your-website-i-23.html where you can quickly see the benefits.

Immediate Access. Once you have joined Dropshipland, you will be automatically directed to full access details, including how to create your account, as well as activate your website. The software used on the website you receive is a much improved version of the popular Zen Cart shopping cart system, which is very easy to use, even for beginners. The website is already populated with stock, and the only action you have to take, is insert your paypal email address, and you are ready to start trading. It could not be easier.

Product Example

I can’t give a product example like I did on the Chinavasion review because the 2 websites work differently but at DropshipLand they do sell the following products at prices significantly lower than the RRP – CDs up to 40% lower, DVDs up to 75% lower, lingerie up to 40% lower, Inkjet ranges up to 25% lower, beauty ranges up to 30% lower, ties & cufflinks up to 40% lower, souvenirs up to 35% lower than the RRP. From those prices you can see there is room for decent profit margins, especially if you sell from your own website, not eBay. Also, remember, that because Dropshipland have so very many products for you to promote, along different ranges, you will always create the possibility of passive sales from one range, to another.


DropshipLand is a very well established dropshipper and have been dropshipping for over 4 years. They continue to increase their product range which is brilliant from a sellers point of view and they also provide quality customer service – on their website they have a phone number, address etc so it is super easy to get in touch with them. If you want to sell a broad range of products and want a dropshipper you have full confidence in then DropshipLand is ideal. You can be safe in the knowledge, that you would be using a dropshipper that has stood the test of time, and is well known for excellent customer services.

Other Notes

As with any dropshipper, DropshipLand will go out of stock of products from time to time, however they do have a clever system in place which lets you check if products have gone out of stock giving you enough time to control your sales. This is a great benefit because there is nothing worse than making a sale and finding the dropshipper has sold out of the product!

The people who run Dropshipland, have some of the widest dropshipping knowledge available, which means you would be working with a company who were one of the first dropship companies in he UK, and who know the industry better than most.


Visit the Dropshipland website to learn more about them and sign-up for their service.

Dropshipland’s own blog can also be found here:


Please note all figures quoted and information was correct at the time this page was published.

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