Don’t Expect to be Selling the Latest Gadgets

By | 5th February 2008

When people first learn about dropshipping they often think “Great. I’ll just find a dropshipper of Nintendo Wii’s and sell bucket loads”, unfortunately it isn’t that easy!

Due to such high demand for products like this the manufacturers sell the products to companies like Dixons, Tesco, Game etc. This makes it much easier for the manufacturers. Because they don’t pass any on to wholesalers it is incredibly difficult for dropshippers to get hold of them, even if they can the profit margin can be squeezed so much it’s not worth your time as the seller.


So if you are looking to set up a business dropshipping products don’t expect to be filling your estore with the latest versions of the Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo. The products are in such high demand that if they were available from dropshippers we would all be selling them – and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post 

Some of the most successful dropshippers focus on finding niche products where the competition for them is low, this way you can make more sales, and at higher profit margins. I recommend those new to dropshipping go about finding new products this way, and forget the dream of selling Wii’s anytime soon.

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