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Use Dropkicker for Free Dropship Info

Before ordering with any dropshipper (or paying a joining fee) you want to try and find out as much info as possible. You can do this by typing the companys name into Google and seeing what comes up, or by visiting a dropship/wholesale forum and posting a message to see what others have experienced. Now you can add one more… Read More »

Don’t Expect to be Selling the Latest Gadgets

When people first learn about dropshipping they often think “Great. I’ll just find a dropshipper of Nintendo Wii’s and sell bucket loads”, unfortunately it isn’t that easy! Due to such high demand for products like this the manufacturers sell the products to companies like Dixons, Tesco, Game etc. This makes it much easier for the manufacturers. Because they… Read More »

Test Buy From Possible Dropshippers

Here is a situation many online sellers have found themselves in: You come across a dropshipper who on the face of it looks quite good; flashy design, profit promises, fancy product pictures etc. But you want to actually experience the service first hand before using them as your dropshipper for your hard earned customer base. So what do you do?… Read More »

Praise Dropshippers When Praise Is Due!

Finding the right company to dropship products to your customers is one of the most challenging aspects of running an online dropship business. Many people looking to start dropshipping products often end up spending months looking through lists, researching and test buying before deciding whos products to sell. When you find a good dropshipper it… Read More »

Guide: The Dropship Process

Dropshipping is a small industry in the UK, part of the reason is because many people haven’t heard about it (yet). If this is your first time reading about dropshipping here is a breakdown of how dropshipping works. Traditionally running a retail business has meant you have you to buy the stock up front in bulk and then… Read More »